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What if I told you that there is an invisible world around you?

The invisible world around us is something you can't see - at least not yet. But people like me who are born with the power of spirituality, a gift and blessings of the unknown world can see and sense what many of you out there cannot. Not to confuse anyone but I need to be honest: this world you are living in is not the only world which exists. It's only people like me who are born and have the spiritual power and gift to be able to see. I've come in contact with the other side. The invisible world. I've come in contact with some of my loved ones who for a long time ago have passed away. And also other connections I've come in contact with. I don't want to scare anyone so to make it very clear, we are all spiritual beings.

Other people are more gifted, but since childhood I have been experiencing many spiritual things. Some were very hard to deal with, others were less painful.

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