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What do you really know about water?

Not many people know this about the water we're drinking every day. Liquid water can be precise. Even in the universe, some of the planets and meteors have liquid water. Liquid water is everywhere. The Earth, our home, contain 90% water. Our bodies contain 75% water. The elders used to say that water itself is healing. Water is life. Every time you drink a glass of water, think about you're actually drinking life. Everything contains water. It's a way your body continues to exist. Your kidneys are what keep your blood clean. Keeping your blood clean throughout your entire body. By drinking water, you help keeping your kidneys and everything else in your body healthy. And to be able to keep your soul - and all your chakras clean - including your spiritual well being - drinking water is a process. And by drinking water every day, you help to maintain your spiritual well being and all your chakras as well. Daily water intake will help open up all your chakras and keep your soul and everything else clean. We all know what anti-oxidants are. They are not only found in e.g. green tea and certain vegetables. Even the water you drink can be seen as an anti-oxidant. Besides everything else like magnesium, calcium, chloride, and because of these components our body is capable of cleansing itself. And remember, your chakras and your soul need water. By drinking water every day, we keep everything intact.

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