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What Are Energy Vampires, And Why You Should Watch Out

Many of us don't really remember our life journey. However, our life journey started many millions years ago through many star dust and energy. Consciousness is what we all are born with. This energy is quite strong. It contains your mental and physical well being. But many of us don't really know how to use this power or energy. Many of us think in a very negative way: that stealing other people's mental and physical energy will bring them luck or whatever they want in their life. But what these people don't know is that karma have a way to catch up.

Energy vampires. That is what those people are called by name. These type of people are in your life or coming into your life for a good reason. Mostly because of spiritual reasons but also because of life reasons. You learn through many life experiences how to protect your mental and physical energy from these type of people. This type of negative energy is in your life to teach you something and nothing else. In many ways, many of us cannot recognize this type of energy but in time you will. In time, we all learn how to protect our mental and physical energy from this type of toxicity from energy vampires.

As mentioned before, energy vampires are a type of people to come into your life and teach us a lesson or multiple lessons. Energy vampires are not only very toxic people but they are also carrying a lot of toxic baggage. Many of them have a very unstable energy. Some of them can even ruin your life - not only by stealing your good light but energy vampires are also skilled at gaslighting you, gossiping about you, and make sure they look great in your and others' eyes while doing these right in front of you. Energy vampires are good at manipulating with your feelings (aka emotional manipulation). They can even break you or manipulate you economically speaking. In other words, energy vampires are very toxic and very destructive. That is why you need to watch out who you let into your life.

Spiritually speaking, you need to learn to protect yourself and your energy from energy vampires. They are never good for your soul, and very unstable. And the reason is because the ego they have never really allowed them to live a proper life. It's always about the next victim, or pretending to be the victim. They are unconsciously looking for a victim to blame, or looking for what they emotionally (or economically) can get out of you.

Some of the characteristics of an energy vampire are as follows:

  • They do not take accountability for their actions

  • They are always involved in some kind of conflict or drama in other people's lives

  • They do not like to "outdone", meaning they will never share the spotlight with you

  • They play up their own problems and diminish your problems

  • They act as if they are a martyr

  • And they use their supposedly good nature against you

As you can see, the traits of the energy vampire are many folded. At first, you can perceive them as charming individuals - sometimes even good looking. Some of them know how to dress well, and they are good talkers filling you with a lot of illusions, promising you the entire world, and letting you think you are one of a kind. Meanwhile some of these energy vampires can deal with multiple relationships behind your back, gaslighting you, emotionally manipulating you, playing with your mind. An energy vampire can be a friend, partner, a family member, lover etc. Some of these energy vampires can be saved from their destructive lives by seeking professional help. Of course, many of them cannot be saved, and it is not your job to save them. You can try to help them in spiritual manners because even these type of people need love. But remember always to watch out and protect your divine energy and don't share it with anyone.

// Komessia

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