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Are you worried about your karmic path?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Many of us don't really understand what karma is or what it means. In Hinduism, it is said that - in some cases - karma brings good luck or bad luck. My ancestors have roughly the same beliefs. They just don't call it karma. Is is more built on the belief of having bad energies from a former lifetime or because of an ancestor whether that being a former family member or from a previous blood line. The very moment a person is born, time, past, present and future energies - all these elements have already taken place. If something in your previous bloodline haven't been loyal, truthful, or being a cheater, or otherwise very terrible in any way, shape or form, this cycle will return back and hunt. whatever you do in your life - regardless of your circumstances - by treating other people in the right way will bring you "good karma" or "good energies". Treating people badly will in time disturb your life and your own energy. This is the cycle of karma because everything is created by energies and energy flows. Some of us know by now how energies work and about the cycle of karma. But many of us out there are still in a position of denial. Many of us think by going, running or rushing through life, ruining other people's lives, karma will not catch up with them. But the thing is karma will hit them like a bus driving somebody over. Don't play with other people's lives because every one of us have lives that are precious to us. Some people out there who don't really understand this point. So, be careful how you treat people around you. The universe and its energies do recognize your previous and current cycles because everything flows. Everything is made of energy and matter. It is there in front of us, and around us and within you. So whatever you do or whatever circumstances you find yourself in, treat yourself well and others. If not, there will be a time where you only attract the negative karma or negative "energies" into your life. By not treating others well I promise you your ancestors' negative karma will in time find you and hunt you down. We are all here to learn our lessons. not to ruin other people's lives because the cycles will come back to you. So be aware of these cycles. deceive yourself thinking otherwise that nothing cannot harm you. this is the cycle of karma.


You wellbeing means everything. Affirmations will help you keep it in order:

I am happy

I am loved

I am healthy

I am worthy

I am wealthy

I am positive

I am blessed

I am grateful

I am beautiful

I am confident

I am gorgeous

I am excited about today...

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