How The Link Between Soul Contract and Afterlife Works

I know when we talk about afterlife, it's something most of you don't want to talk about. Well, I understand your feelings. Why talk about something you don't really understand? But the truth is, none of us can run away from it or prevent it because it's a part of our lives and it's a part of life. Being a spiritual being means that although you have a human experience, and you see yourself as a human being, you are here on Earth and at the same time you are on the other side. Many people today are starting to understand their spiritual yearning. We all have a soul. That means we all have a soul contract. I know many of you think what is a soul contract? Before you were born into this lifetime, your soul family—the ascended masters—the creators—your ancestors—they decided how your life journey will play out. Or how you will get your karma. Or how you'll handle it. That is a scary thing. I can understand it. Many of us don't really know when the time comes, how it's going to be, or what's going to happen in that moment. Your soul leaves your body because right now your soul is trapped in your body until your time will come. We all are made of atoms, so when we die, our souls leave this earth. The atoms in our bodies will go on their journey like they have always done. We are all universal with souls until once again your soul will find another human body to attach to. It's an ongoing circle.

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