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My Soul Reflects the Light of God/Source/Creator—And So Do You

I will shine through everyone and everybody I come across within this lifetime. Wherever I enter I will shine through everything.

I am a star. I am the light that shines brightly in the dark night sky, lighting up the path for all those who follow me.

I am a star. The laughter and joy I bring to the lives of others are what makes me shine so brightly on the earth, but they are not my only source of light—they are only a reflection of something much greater than myself: my soul.

My soul is always shining brightly with its own inner light, as well as reflecting the light of God/Source/Creator, whatever you choose to call it. But if you see me or experience me in any way—if you feel my presence or hear my words or feel touched by them—it is because all souls have a unique capacity to reflect this light; it is who we are at our core level. And when two souls merge together, such as when two people become one flesh in marriage (or other committed relationship), their combined ability to reflect this love becomes even more powerful than either could do individually because together they create something greater than either could create alone—something more beautiful and glorious than either one could imagine.

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