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How To Protect Yourself From Negative Influence

Many people out there don't know how to protect their hearts. That is, how to protect their inner divine light. The elders / our ancestors used to say that people who is in pain have the tendency to run around and hurt others. And this is true.

There is so many negative people out there in the world with all their baggage. The best way to protect yourself and your inner divine light in your heart - your light is your inner soul. You need your light to be able to travel. Without your inner light you can't travel into the afterlife. Therefore, it is very important to know how to protect your heart. The first and best way is not dealing with people from low vibrating environments. People who are in toxic environments and people with a negative influence from others. Keep yourself away from friends who have a negative influence on you who can influence you negatively. Even family members. Even lovers. And you can also do other things to clean your energy and others negative influence.

You can take a bath with some rose water. You can buy some wine vinegar and put some of it in small glasses and keep them around your home, at the windows, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, bedroom. There is some crystals you can buy which you can have with you everywhere you go. When it comes to crystals it is very important to go only after what your soul is telling you or go after your first instinct. Your heart energy will let you know and draw you to the crystals / energy stones. You can place the crystals or energy stones everywhere at home. You need to also buy some white sage to clean your everyday energy - or when you need it.

The most important thing is to not deal with negative influences because these can cause a lot of damage in your life and in your soul.

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