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How To Keep Your Light From Dimming Around Negative People

Have you ever felt like your light is dimming?

Like you're surrounded by people who are just not right for you, and they're dragging you down? Like they don't understand your purpose, or they don't support it, or they're just sucking the life out of you?

It's hard to be around people who don't value the same things as you do. It's hard when those people are in a position of power over you, or if they have some kind of control over your life. Even if that person isn't trying to hurt you on purpose, their presence can still be destructive.

But what if I told you that there was a way to protect yourself from their negative impact on your life? What if I told you that there was a way to keep them from affecting your soul, even when they're right next to you?

First off: don't dim your light for anyone. The devil always goes after things which look shiny—that is your soul. And the way to protect yourself against the devil is to make sure your light is only being lit in the right environment with the right people near you. Having too many people around you whom you do not know can dim your light unknowingly if they aren't bringing out the best in you or making you feel loved or supported.

Next: surround yourself with positive people who lift each other up and help each other succeed instead of tearing each other down. There will always be haters out there trying to bring others down so they can feel better about themselves, but those are not the people who deserve a place in your life! They might not mean any harm by it, but they don't know how best to help you shine like God intended for us all to shine.

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