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Do you know how to pray?

Praying keeps your inner light alive and your soul in check. How many times do you pray a day? It's very important to pray. Do you know how to pray? Many people don't understand how important it is to pray. Praying is also helping you to be in balance and it helps you to not struggle. And if you have any problems, praying will help you to keep the problems away. Before you start praying, drink a glass of lemon water. It's up to you to sit with a straight back or lie down with straight back. There are many ways to pray. Repeat after me:

I'm thanking this day today to be my savior

Wherever I go, I ask my angels to clear any kind of destruction away from my path,

and keep my light shining.

And I will thank my angels for protecting my way, clearing all the clouds from my way and keeping me trapped, making in unable to follow my path.

I'm thankful for all the blessings and help I'm receiving every day in my life.

My angels are the ones guiding me through my life journey, helping me to keep my life intact.

And by praying and showing them my gratefulness, and then thanking them for all the greatness and blessings I'm receiving from them in my everyday (I thank God for all the blessings, all the help, all the abundance I've been receiving in my life lately, and happiness which helps me to glow).

This is my prayer for everyone out there who needs it to partake in a daily prayer together with your guides.

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